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4/9-4/10/2011: Cardboard Jam at GAMBIT

Boston Game Jams logoOur friends at Boston Game Jams are organizing a non-digital (that is, board game and card game) design jam at the GAMBIT labs during the weekend of April 9th and 10th.

From Darren Torpey, organizer of Boston Game Jams:

Hi jammers!

... and now for something completely different! Wait for it... wait for it... Cardboard Jam! We're gonna make non-digital games this time. With our hands! In just two days!

We'll make card games, board games, etc. -- any style of game that doesn't involve a computer.

We'll get to rapidly iterate on our concepts, playtest each others' games, and even welcome those who excel in design and/or people skills but lack (relatively speaking) in technical skills. It's gonna be grand.

Bring your friends! Especially those who've said "game jams sound cool but I can't code" or the like. No coding required -- no computer tools needed -- nothing but a desire to collaborate with others to make an experimental game from start to finish, in a weekend.

Full info is on the announcement post on the website

RSVP is required!

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