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Come and take a look behind the curtains of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

GSS 2011 is here... watch it on our live stream:

Learn about our recent research and game development activities at the GAMBIT Summer Summit GSS 2011 on July 6 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

While others are going on vacation the research and game development at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab ramps up. Right now students from Singapore and the US are working with our researchers and development team on novel game concepts, and visiting researchers are wracking their brains on different gaming related topics across a variety of fields. For the first time, we will draw back the curtains in the middle of the summer to provide insights into our current game development and research activities. We invite all interested and curious parties to join us for a day full of games and research.

On July 6 Scot Osterweil from the Education Arcade will open the stage with a keynote "Educational Games: Stop Being Serious". He will be followed by a panel discussion about the games that are currently under development at GAMBIT. There will be scientific talks on AI, educational and theory-based game design, visualization and animation tools, presented by game researchers from the MIT Media Lab, CSAIL, and GAMBIT's Singaporean collaborators. A further highlight is the GAMBIT alumni panel tracing the careers of our former students. To top off the GSS 2011 Jeff Orkin (MIT Media Lab / Cognitive Machines) completes the GAMBIT Summer Summit with his keynote talk "Next Generation A.I. & Gameplay: Big Data, Big Opportunities".

Venue: MIT Campus E51-325, Cambridge, MA (map)
Date and Time: July 6 2011 from 9am - 6pm
Registration: Free entry (wow); Please register ASAP via email:


July 6 2011 - MIT E51-325

Download PDF: here

09:00 GSS 2011 Opening (Philip Tan, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab)
09:15 Keynote: Scot Osterweil (Education Arcade): "Educational Games: Stop Being Serious"
10:15 Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Game Projects 2011 Panel:

· Mia Consalvo "The Social Social Game"

· Todd Harper "Gender and sexual identity game project"

· Clara Fernández-Vara "Aunt MeeMaggi's Cleaning School"

· Mark Sullivan "Softbody Physics"

· Matt Weise "Narrative Design"

· Andrew Haydn Grant "Human Trainer AI"

11:15 Break

11:30 Owen Macindoe, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab: "Cooperative planning for AI in games"
12:00 Li Zhuoru, National University of Singapore: "Context-sensitive Markov Decision Processes"
12:30 Bai Haoyu, National University of Singapore: "Planning and Decision Making under Uncertainty in Complex Worlds"

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Fredo Durand, MIT / CSAIL: "Volumetric shadows, motion blur and depth of field."
14:15 Nguyen Thi Nhat Anh, Nanyang Technological University: "Interactive multi-view image segmentation"
14:45 Shu Ke, Singapore Management University: "K-Sketch: A simple animation tool using in game design"
15:15 Konstantin Mitgutsch, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab: "Afterland Revisited. A theory-based game development research circle"

15:45 Break

16:00 Jason Haas, Education Arcade / MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program :"The More We Know: Inside NBC News' iCue, and Why It Didn't Work"

16:30 Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Alumni panel

· Mark Sullivan (Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab)

· Sharat Bhat (Fire Hose)

· Genevieve Conley (ImaginEngine)


17:15 Closing Keynote: Jeff Orkin (MIT Media Lab / Cognitive Machines) "Next Generation A.I. & Gameplay: Big Data, Big Opportunities"

18:15 GSS 2011 Game Over

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