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2011 Featured Game | Puzzle/Action | Apple iOS  

Save your city before it gets buried in waste! Recycle what you can and dump the rest!

Backflowis a casual puzzle/action game that requires players to flip switches along their city's pipe network to sort various types of wastes. The game hopes to promote environmental awareness through gaming by encouraging people to recycle their used materials.

Backflow has been a Finalist at the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile 2008 for Innovation in Mobile Game Design category and the IGF Mobile Best Game.

Backflow is available on the App store for $0.99 now.

The game is developed by Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, creators of critically acclaimed CarneyVale: Showtime and published by Tzai Entertainment.

Research Statement

Backflow was based on the research of Dr Eric Klopfer, Director and Scheller Career Development Prof. of Science Education of the Scheller Teacher Education Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The research modelled a framework for player interaction such that simulations would emerge from player behavior.

Developed in by the GAMBIT Singapore lab, Backflow for iOS continues the theme of waste management and recycling, as the environment is an area where an individual's behavior profoundly affects others.

About Tzai Entertainment, Publisher for Backflow
Tzai Entertainment is a games studio based in Singapore, founded in 2010, focusing on online and mobile games. Tzai Entertainment believes that games make the world a better place, and their aim is to create and publish innovative, high quality and fun games for everyone to enjoy.


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Independent Games Festival 2008 Finalist

Game Trailer

Teo Chor Guan
Executive Producer

Yeo Jing Ying
Assistant Producer

Victor Ho

Edwin Ang Yew Leng
Programmer (intern)

Desmond Wong

Justin Kang
Game Designer

Guo Yuan
Audio Designer

Roland Kie
QA Lead

Kenny Chua
Tester (intern)

Heng Chin Kiat
Tester (intern)

Ray Larabie
Font Designer

DISTRIBUTED BY Tzai Entertainment
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