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Spring 2007 Prototype


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Summer 2007 Prototype | Rhythm | Windows return to top
AudiOdyssey is an experimental computer game designed to be accessible to both the visually impaired community and mainstream gamers. The user stars as Vinyl Scorcher, an up-and-coming DJ, on his quest to get club patrons dancing. Swinging the Nintendo Wii controller to the beat, Vinyl lays down the various component tracks of a song, and keeps the party jumping. If he does an especially good job, he can even freestyle! But beware - if dancers get too rowdy, they're likely to bump into the turntables, messing up Vinyl's tracks. Think you have what it takes?

AudiOdyssey was developed with four research goals:

  • The visually-impaired and the sighted can enjoy the same level and quality of gameplay
  • Navigate game's menus with ease and efficiency approaching that of conventional UIs
  • Create a fun and natural control scheme using the Wiimote
  • An engaging game that relies more on high quality audio than visuals

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Summer 2007 Prototype | Multiplayer Puzzle | J2ME return to top

Independent Games Festival Mobile 2008 Finalist.

Backflow is a cross between a casual-style action game and a multiplayer strategy game for mobile phones. In the game you take control of the waste disposal infrastructure for a city. It's your job to make sure each type of waste goes to the right place.

By flipping switches on pipe intersection points you direct the flow of waste to processing facilities at the bottom of the screen. Send recyclables to the right bins and they'll be converted into resources that you can use to upgrade your system, but put things in the wrong place and you'll increase the pollution in your city. Keep pollution low and your city will grow, but if it gets out of control your citizens will leave in droves! As your city grows in population, waste comes out faster and more frequently, and upgrades become more and more important. Trade resources with other players to make sure you can keep upgrading.

Try and build the biggest city you can without getting buried in the garbage!


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Independent Games Festival 2008 Finalist


The Illogical Journey of Orez
Summer 2007 Prototype | Puzzle | Windows return to top

"Do you like Heroes and Bunnies together? I do! You know what else I like? The Illogical Journey of Orez, of course! I like it because it has giant mouths, and carrots and bunnies who watch television. Indeed this game may even teach you math (but you won't realize it until its too late)! Play now or you fail as a hero. Zero."

The Illogical Journey of Orez effectively employs game design and educational principles to enhance media literacy and improve the intuitive understanding of complex middle-school (secondary school) math concepts. The challenge: develop puzzles that give players hands-on experience with the concepts of addition and subtraction of positive and negative numbers, using real world examples instead of numbers.

  The gaming event of the century. Play me now or you fail as a hero. Loser.

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Summer 2007 Prototype | Multiplayer Action | Flash return to top
TakeOut! is a multiplayer delivery game where you compete against your friends to get the highest score. Whoever can pick up the most items and get them delivered before time is up is the winner. Choose from 5 exciting characters, each with their own abilities and speed combinations.

  Take Out


Summer 2007 Prototype | Multiplayer Third Person Shooter | Windows return to top

TenXion is an asymmetric multiplayer third-person shooter designed to assist with artificial intelligence research. One player controls a robot fighting to escape a prison and his mutant captors, and other players control mutants trying to bring the robot down. The robot wins by reaching the exit to the level, while the mutants win if the robot is destroyed before it escapes.

Players take turns controlling the robot, while mutants can die and respawn any number of times, with their respawn points shifting as the robot advances through the level. As the game's research goal is to take the choices made by players to gain insight into decision-making and future A.I. design, those players who are controlling mutants have a variety of characters and strategic options at their command, allowing for many different styles of play. The game is fast-paced, with each session taking 2-3 minutes or less, and is most enjoyable with 3 or more players.



Summer 2007 Prototype | Action | Flash + Wiimote return to top

Wiip places you in the role of Mustachio, a circus ringmaster beset by bombs, bunnies, and barrel-riding cats gone out of control! In this single-player action game, you swing your Wiimote like a whip to tame your animals. Snap it back at the right time to create devastating combos which clear the screen with stunning fireworks shows! How long can you survive against the Three-Ring Swarm?

Wiip is a PC-based casual game which explores the concept of interactivity through usage of an expressive physical interface such as the Nintendo Wii controller. Historically, the mouse and the joystick have been the dominant controllers for video games, requiring small hand movements and the pressing of buttons. The Wii controller's new technology allows for greater freedom of expression through physical movements, letting players mimic actions such as swinging a sword, casting a fishing rod, or using a whip. Actions that previously had to be abstracted out into the form of pressing a button are now able to be expressed physically.

Experiments with these new game interaction styles will be used to build up a vocabulary for expressing the concept of "interactivity" in computer games. This may eventually lead to new forms of interaction and innovative gameplay in computer games. Further research will involve exploring the balance between expressiveness and abstraction in this and other games.


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Spring 2007 Prototype | Puzzle | Windows / Xbox 360 return to top

Elementalyst is a singleplayer falling block game modeled after Tetris. Build chains of each element and watch how they interact when the catalyst falls. Make bigger chains for bigger combos and more points!

Note: Elementalyst is only recommended for users already familiar with XNA. Elementalyst was an internal test application built to test the PC game development pipeline of XNA Game Studio Express 1.0. After the release of XNA GSE 2.0 in November 2007, these .ccgame packages were rebuilt to run with the latest XNA framework. However, game functionality, such as key mappings and bugs, are otherwise unchanged from the original Spring 2007 PC version.


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