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Snap Escape - The Epic Swing
2011 Featured Game | Interpretive Social on Mobile | Apple iOS  

In a world where cavemen are terrorized by dinosaurs, only a truly epic swinging hero can save the day!

Snap Escape: The Epic Swing is a fast-paced action game featuring intuitive tilting controls! Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch and swing to your friends’ rescue from dangers!

As you make your way through captivating and dangerous environments such as jungles and volcanoes, watch out for Mr. T-Rex and his bunch of crazy dinosaurs! They each have their own unique attack, and they’re all out to get you and your cavemen! So think fast, and act fast!

Compete with friends and the world in Survival mode! You’ll be able to save your real-life friends in-game, and you can even request for help on your Facebook wall and stand to gain more in-game bonuses! Get all these epic extras and more when you connect to Facebook!

Research Statement

The original Snap Escape was based on the research of Kevin Driscoll, a former Research Assistant at MIT and now a PhD student at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. His research goal was to create a multiplayer game that can be played simultaneously by players in different time zones to illustrate how location can affect gameplay, encouraging players to get away from the computer and share their lived experiences.

Snap Escape: The Epic Swing is the culmination of 2 previous award-nominated games that were developed using this research: Picopoke and Snap Escape (interpretative photography and social play).


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Game Trailer

Teo Chor Guan
Executive Producer

Dominic Chai
Production Manager

Yeo Jing Ying
Associate Producer

Chua Chong Yunn

Low Chin Hong

Quek Keng Yeow

Ang Yi Xin
Artist, Game Designer

Ng Shikee

Justin Kang
Game Designer, Level Designer

Teo Siying, Carol
Game Designer (intern)

Sharon Kho Chia Wen
Audio Designer

Leow Yin Qing
QA Lead

Benjamin Tan Yu Quan
QA Tester

Ge Jun
QA Tester (intern)

Kua Jun Wei
QA Tester (intern)

Lim Sing Wan
QA Tester (intern)

Nathaniel Putra
QA Tester (intern)

Lee Jun Wei Shaun
QA Tester (intern)

Yeo Wen Jun
QA Tester (intern)

Yeo Zhen Hao
QA Tester (intern)

Zander Liang

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