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Snap Escape (Facebook)
2009 Featured Game | Interpretive Social | Facebook  

In the ancient realm of Snap Escape, photographs are a rare source of power. Input your own photographs directly into the game and use them to bestow various elemental abilities unto your cavemen! Cast fire on the cavemen to boost their speed, liquefy them to phase through obstacles, explode them high into the air – and much more! How long can you keep you and your friends from being devoured by Mr. T-Rex?

Game features include:

  • Increase your powers by uploading photographs and tagging on appropriate stickers
  • Guess interpretatively on other players' photographs to contribute to their powers and earn time bonuses for yourself
  • Dress up your caveman to keep up with the latest cro-magnon fashion

Snap Escape is developed by the creators of Picopoke, 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile Finalist: Next Great Mobile Game.

Play Snap Escape on Facebook now at or meet friends at an online forum at!

  Snap Escape

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  • Web browser
  • Facebook account
  • Adobe Flash Player 10
  • 1.8GHz Pentium-class processor or higher
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 32MB video RAM



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Yee Kar Kin
Producer and Game Designer

Ang Yi Xin
Lead Artist

Munir Bin Hussin
Lead Programmer

Zhang Laifu Joel

Benjamin Chua Yuan Wei

Guo Yuan
Sound Designer

Lim Teng Howe
Junior Designer

Jesse Ong Yit Sin
Quality Assurance

Lynette Lim
Quality Assurance

Gareth Tan Zi-Gui
Quality Assurance

Marketing Team

Gerald Tock
Business Development

Dominic Chai
Assistant Producer

Chai Pei Shan
Marketing Communications

Special Thanks

Teo Chor Guan
Singapore Executive Director

Philip Tan Boon Yew
US Executive Director

Kevin Driscoll
Picopoke's Product Owner

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