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Meet the new bug, same as the old bug

Sometimes programming feels a lot like playing Whack-A-Mole. You get one bug sorted out, then another one rears its head, and then another, and then somehow fixing that one brings the first one back again. And it brings a friend.

Now that we have Maya installed, I wanted to start incorporating the original Abandon models into the Unity version of the game. First I found out, much to my annoyance, that I couldn't just change the mesh on the model player I had been using, because the Maya models had multiple meshes. (Say that three times fast.) So I had to create a new object for the new Maya model... and suddenly all those problems I had with the physics functions, where I couldn't get the avatar to stop bouncing off of things, came back to haunt me, and the previous fixes (increasing the rigidbody's mass and drag) proved ineffective. Plus, despite gravity being turned on, under certain circumstances the avatar will end up hovering in midair:


On the plus side, now that I've got the hang of adding meshes, I can start to put in the shapes for the household objects, too. So currently the avatar is getting chased around the screen by a bathtub.


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