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This weekend only, Global Game Jam 2010 LIVE at the GAMBIT Game Lab!

The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab is proud to present, live for you, our site for the Global Game Jam 2010, representing the best timezone out there, GST-5!

Keep coming back here for riveting footage: are they going to make a new constructor for that class, or are they just going to inherit it from the base class? How many pixels do they have going in that flash game, 640x480 or are they going to let it go full screen?

Actually... it's going to be much better than that. We have 40 people from all over the Boston metro area, from our lab at MIT, from the Education Arcade, from other schools like Berklee College of Music, and a diverse number of independent game developers from the Boston Indies crowd as well as non-indies from Irrational Games, Turbine, and Harmonix Music Systems.

What happens when you lock a bunch of creative and talented people in a room and tell them to make a game in 48 hours? Tune in and see!

Everything from here on is going to change as the event happens. Rik is running the show, so he'll try to highlight fun things happening during the next 48 hours!

Throw tweets our way: @gambitgamelab and @rikaru.

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Live webcam (I'll try to keep this interesting!)
Live TV : Ustream

Our Ustream-hosted chat room. I'm not always watching this, but I'll try to respond to anyone out there with questions.

Our Technology Support Specialist, Michael Rapa, creating artwork for Pigmalion:
Live streaming video by Ustream

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