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There are Monsters in My Backyard! (Free download until June 25)

mimb_logo.pngWe're proud to announce our beta release of Monsters in My Backyard! Until June 25, you can download a free version of the game by registering for an account on

Monsters In My Backyard is a puzzle-action platformer game featuring Pinocchio, an automatic rigging technology for 3-D asset production developed by researchers from MIT CSAIL. On a distant planet of weird creatures, a mad scientist schemes to turn the whole universe boring and flat with a super bomb that turns everything into paper and cardboard. No one escapes the scientist's villainy, except one: a certifiable dork named Domm. Help Domm solve challenging puzzles, manage resources, and collect power-ups in his quest to change a 2-D, linear planar nightmare back into his beautifully vibrant 3-D home.

You can read more about Monsters in My Backyard here. Enjoy the trailer below and download the game!

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