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Friday Games @ GAMBIT - A History of Matt

Friday is my last day as GAMBIT's Design Director. I've accepted a job at Harmonix, and will be starting there the first week of April. For the past five years, with a lot of help from various folks, I've organized our Friday gaming/discussion sessions. This will be the last one I'll do as staff, though I will probably return as a guest in the future.


At the prompting of some folks in the lab, we'll be going through all the games I've been involved in over my time at GAMBIT, from the June 2007 when I first arrived to now.

Join us at 4pm in the lounge. The games we will look at and discuss will be:

- Wiip
- gunPLAY
- Sc-rum'pet
- Neurotrance
- Gumbeat
- Gumbeat Gold
- The Great Molasses Flood
- QP Curio's Novelty Engine
- Abandon
- Abandon Complete
- Afterland
- The Snowfield

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