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Friday Games @ GAMBIT - A Journey Through thatgamecompany

Journey was released on Playstation Network this week, to expected critical acclaim. It's the third official game by thatgamecompany, the Santa Monica-based game studio founded by graduates of USC's Interactive Media Division. Conceived as the video game variant of USC's world famous film program, thatgamecompany is seen by many as one of the first success stories of how university-based game education can produce financially successful visionary artists. They are one of the few game companies whose work has been marketed as art, with experimental mechanics, highly stylized graphics, and idea-driven experience design seen as the main selling point.

This Friday we will go through several of their games, beginning with their USC student project, Cloud, a game which bares almost all the marks of their commercial work.

- Cloud
- fl0w (original flash version)
- fl0w (commercial PS3 version)
- Flower
- Journey

Join us in the GAMBIT lounge Friday at 4pm, or online at Ustream. As always, there will be cookies.

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