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Friday Games: GAMBIT Game Night at the MIT Museum

This week Friday Games @ GAMBIT is not at GAMBIT! The mind boggles!

Instead we're at the MIT Museum. You know about all the GAMBIT events at the Cambridge Science Festival, don't you? Of course you do. We're sure they're in your pocket planner even now.

Friday night's event is for the true GAMBIT connoisseur. We'll be playing games drawn from all ~5 years of GAMBIT's history, including a few we usually keep to ourselves. Possibly for good reason. Come see them and decide for yourself.

Details below. See you there!

Level Up: GAMBIT Game Night
Friday, April 20, 6-9pm
MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

When is a lighthouse not just a lighthouse? When it's GAMBIT Game Night!

Come celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. Like all proper gamers, we've been exploring the world, gaining experience, and collecting cool loot. Now we'd like to share it with you. Games from throughout GAMBIT history will be available for your amusement: from puzzles to action to games so experimental they're beyond definition. But don't just play...level up with us by asking about the research. Every GAMBIT game explores a research question, and GAMBIT developers will be at the ready to tell you all about it. There is more to that gum-chewing schoolgirl and floppy space squid than meets the eye!

Cost: Yet another event presented as part of the MIT Museum's free day. Come play with us!

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