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2008 Featured Game | Multiplayer Puzzle | J2ME  

Independent Games Festival Mobile 2008 Finalist.

Backflow is a casual-style puzzle game for mobile phones. In the game you take control of the waste disposal infrastructure for a city. It's your job to make sure each type of waste goes to the right place.

By flipping switches on pipe intersection points you direct the flow of waste to processing facilities at the bottom of the screen. Earn points by sending recyclables to the right bins. Create combos by sorting 5 waste items consecutively without any mistake. Look out for power ups to help you along the way; there are 3 power ups, a health power up, a slow-down power up and an instant multiplier power up.

Each mistake will break your combo and increase the pollution in your city!

As your city grows in population, waste comes out faster and more frequently. Try to manage the biggest city without getting buried in the garbage!

There are 3 difficulty modes in the game, easy, medium and hard. Upon completing the different difficulty modes, you'll unlock the challenge mode.

The Challenge Mode

5 challenges will be unlocked one after another:

  1. Multiplier power up will be removed
  2. Multiplier and slow down power up will be removed
  3. Multiplier, slow down and heal power up will be removed
  4. Multiplier, slow down and heal power up will be removed
    Retry function will be removed
  5. Multiplier, slow down and heal power up will be removed
    Retry function will be removed
    Bins will be randomized and made unidentifiable, players will need to sort the items by memory

The Survival Mode

Levels will be unlocked in the survival according to the player's progress in the game and players can choose to take on any levels in a arcade style survival mode and compete for the highscore.

Players can also challenge their friends in this mode in a turn-based versus mode using the same mobile phone.

The players' current progress in the game is compiled into a single point system which they can submit online to compete for the top position in our leaderboard.


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Independent Games Festival 2008 Finalist
For Play in an Emulator
  • Java SE development kit (available here)
  • Sony Ericsson software development kit (available here)
  • Windows XP or Vista with DirectX 8.1 or later
  • 250MB hard drive space
  • 256MB system RAM
  • 500 MHz CPU
For Mobile Play
  • Sony Ericsson k800i and equivalent phone

Note: to load the game into the development kit, find the folder where the Sony SDK was installed and the WTK2 folder.á First run the application "Default Device Selection" and select Sony Ericsson W900 Emu.á Then select "Run the MIDP Application" and locate the file Backflow.jad.

Please download the Read Me file for complete installation instructions.


Current Team

Teo Chor Guan
Singapore Executive Director

Zulkifli Salleh

Chen Renhao

Jason Wang

Edmund Shi
Game Tester

Yeo Xiang Zhong
Game Tester

Guo Yuan
Audio Specialist

Original Team

Marleigh Norton
Product Owner

Neal Grigsby
Game Designer

Zulkifli Salleh

Brendan Callahan
Test Lead

Eric Klopfer
Product Owner

Fabian Teo

Chen RenHao

Wang Xun

Nguyen Hoai Anh

Fezz Hoo Shuyi
Sound Team

Guo Yuan
Sound Team

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