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Paper Prototype Bundle
Spring 2010 | Board Games  

The following non-digital games were made as part of a semester-long prototyping project, which saw students from MIT and RISD collaborate on several games. Since two of the students were artists, we tried to leverage that as part of the project, which lead us in some interesting and experimental directions.

Labyrinths was an attempt to make a non-digital survival horror game that wasn't board-based or card-based. Instead it uses a creepy box and a string. The House of Five Senses is a surrealist stealth board game. Fire Escape is a grid-based survival game in which time folds back on itself. And Siege the Day is a side-scrolling real-time castle defense game based on actual, underhanded medieval siege tactics.

Each of the four final games are presented here in PDF format. These PDFs contain art and instructions that explain how to play each game. Each game is playable with common objects that can be found around the house or made with common household items, so have fun!

  Paper Prototype Bundle

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Sophia Foster-Dimino

Kevin Laughlin

Alexis Brownell

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