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Nightmare Duel
2012 Featured Game | 2 players | Apple iPad  

From the makers of the innovative iPad shoot ’em up, Dark Dot:

Take on Nightmare Duel, a frantic, fast-paced local multiplayer duel that will test both reflex and control!

The realm of Nightmare Duel is divided into 6 simple lanes. An opponent will drive minions towards you along these lanes. Tap on your rivals’ minions within each lane to make them your own and send them back to turn the attack against him. The rule to winning is simple: Overrun your challenger.

8 eccentric characters, each with unique powers that allow you to control the way you want to play. Deflecting attacks, confusing your enemy with illusions and so much more. Your game. Your style. It's in your hands.

Duke it out with your friends for moments of maniacal fun with our magical Local Multiplayer experience.

With practice comes mastery, dive into the Training mode - Set forth alone and take on a computer opponent of nightmarish proportions.


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Dark Dot
2011 Featured Game | F.A.M.E Technology | Apple iOS  

Dark Dot is a cutesy action shooter game with a twist! Players command a fleet of small minions known as Darklets to engage the enemy using different formations limited only by Players’ own imaginations. Embark on a mission to defeat the enemy forces of Elemental Planes and help the little Darklets triumph in world supremacy!

Unique Shape Manipulation Feature that is new to the shooter genre!

Intuitive one stroke drawing control, draw any shape in one single stroke and watch your Dark Dots fall into formation. Redraw your formation at any time (to suit your needs).

Compact your formation to concentrate firepower spread out to increase your firing area or rotate to change your firing pattern!


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2011 Featured Game | Puzzle/Action | Apple iOS

Save your city before it gets buried in waste! Recycle what you can and dump the rest!

Backflowis a casual puzzle/action game that requires players to flip switches along their city's pipe network to sort various types of wastes. The game hopes to promote environmental awareness through gaming by encouraging people to recycle their used materials.

Backflow has been a Finalist at the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile 2008 for Innovation in Mobile Game Design category and the IGF Mobile Best Game.

Backflow is available on the App store for $0.99 now.


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Independent Games Festival 2008 Finalist

Snap Escape - The Epic Swing
2011 Featured Game | Interpretive Social on Mobile | Apple iOS  

In a world where cavemen are terrorized by dinosaurs, only a truly epic swinging hero can save the day!

Snap Escape: The Epic Swing is a fast-paced action game featuring intuitive tilting controls! Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch and swing to your friends’ rescue from dangers!

As you make your way through captivating and dangerous environments such as jungles and volcanoes, watch out for Mr. T-Rex and his bunch of crazy dinosaurs! They each have their own unique attack, and they’re all out to get you and your cavemen! So think fast, and act fast!

Compete with friends and the world in Survival mode! You’ll be able to save your real-life friends in-game, and you can even request for help on your Facebook wall and stand to gain more in-game bonuses! Get all these epic extras and more when you connect to Facebook!


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Monsters In My Backyard
2010 Featured Game | Action-Puzzle | Unity  

Monsters In My Backyard is not just another highly entertaining & engaging action-puzzle game, it is the ONLY action-puzzle game that mixes intense battle scenes with radical strategic puzzles like none you've ever imagined!

On a distant planet of weird creatures, a mad scientist schemes to turn the whole universe boring and flat with a super bomb that turns everything into paper and cardboard.

The peace-loving natives are horrified when the mad scientist's paper planes drop the super bombs from the sky. No one escapes the scientist's villainy, except one: a certifiable dork named Domm.

Domm knows he can't return his world to normal on his own. He needs the help of his friends, who have - unfortunately - been turned into buildings.

Discovering a paper and cardboard UFO that miraculously still retains its original functions, Domm sets off to rescue his friends. Can he save his planet from the mad scientist's flatly evil plot?

Monsters In My Backyard is a puzzle-action platformer game featuring Pinocchio, a new automatic rigging technology for 3-D asset production developed by researchers from MIT. Players help a 3-D monster solve challenging puzzles, manage resources, and collect power-ups in his quest to change a 2-D, linear planar nightmare -- filled with fun avatars and the player's friends -- back into his beautifully vibrant 3-D home.

  • Battle waves of enemies
  • Intense puzzle action to use power-ups
  • Innovative 3-D auto-rigging technology
  • Save your friends and universe from 2-D mayhem

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Snap Escape (Facebook)
2009 Featured Game | Interpretive Social | Facebook  

In the ancient realm of Snap Escape, photographs are a rare source of power. Input your own photographs directly into the game and use them to bestow various elemental abilities unto your cavemen! Cast fire on the cavemen to boost their speed, liquefy them to phase through obstacles, explode them high into the air – and much more! How long can you keep you and your friends from being devoured by Mr. T-Rex?

Game features include:

  • Increase your powers by uploading photographs and tagging on appropriate stickers
  • Guess interpretatively on other players' photographs to contribute to their powers and earn time bonuses for yourself
  • Dress up your caveman to keep up with the latest cro-magnon fashion

Snap Escape is developed by the creators of Picopoke, 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile Finalist: Next Great Mobile Game.

Play Snap Escape on Facebook now at or meet friends at an online forum at!

  Snap Escape

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CarneyVale: Showtime
2008 Featured Game | Vertical Ragdoll Platform | Xbox LIVE Community Game  

CarneyVale: Showtime is a vertical ragdoll platform game for Xbox LIVE Community Games. In the game, you play as Slinky, a circus acrobat trying to rise up the ranks by performing acrobatic tricks and death-defying stunts through increasingly complex arenas.

You can manipulate a wide variety of props to get Slinky through the arena:

  • Catch and fling the ragdoll Slinky around using trapeze-like Grabbers
  • Make Slinky grab onto flying Rockets and ride them through a maze of obstacles
  • Avoid electrical and flaming hazards which cause Slinky to lose lives
  • Dash in mid-air and burst trails of balloons along the way
  • Perform special acrobatic tricks to gain more fans

...And much, much more!

Earn star ratings for completing level objectives and rise up the ranks. Each new rank upgrades your caravan and unlocks new concept art or secret levels. You can also earn up to 12 Achievement-style awards within the game.

The game also comes with an inbuilt map editor and 9 slots for you to create your own custom maps and share them with family and friends. If you want even more acrobatic ragdoll action and challenging levels, create your own!


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Dream Build Play 2008 Winner

Independent Games Festival 2009 Finalist

The PAX 10 Indie Showcase