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Visiting Scholars and Affiliates

Bhojan Anand
Bhojan Anand NUS

Bhojan Anand is First Rank holder cum Gold Medalist in his Graduation and Post Graduation studies in Computer Technology and Applications. Since 1991, he has been involved in teaching and research at various Polytechnics, Colleges and Universities. Currently he is teaching at National University of Singapore. His research interests include Wireless Sensor Networks, Machine-to-Machine Communication, Infrastructure and Communication Protocols for Massively Multiplayer Network Games, Mobile/Wireless Systems and Human Computer Interface. Currently he is working on "Power-aware Infrastructure and Design of Multiplayer Mobile Games".  He is an M2M systems consultant under Singapore Industrial Automation Association and a founding member of Anuflora International & Anuflora Solutions Park. He has published several books including the best-selling Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach (International Edition Adoptation) 4/e, Mobile Applications Development using J2ME 3/e, Database Management Systems, Introduction to Computers and Windows, IT and Office Software, Programming with C and Internet Applications Development – Java, JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, Struts. His homepage can be found at

Jason Cheo
Jason Cheo NAFA

Jason Cheo received his BA (Hons) in Multimedia Design at the University of Hudderfield, UK in 2004. A few years prior to joining Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, he has worked as a Creative and Interactive Designer/Consultant in industry within the field of multimedia development; designing and developing sites, interfaces and content for companies including AKQA, XBOX Asia, Yahoo South-East Asia, eBay Singapore, Sumitomo Corporation Singapore, Philips Design and J.Walter Thompson.

Jason's interests and area of research is in Interactive Digital Media, with a particular focus on the design and conceptual aspects. He is currently a lecturer from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Design & Media.

Mia Consalvo
Mia Consalvo OU
Visiting Scholar

Mia Consalvo is an associate professor in the school of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University. She is the author of Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames (MIT Press, 2007). She has published related work in The Video Game Theory Reader, as well as the journals: On the Horizon, Television & New Media, and The Journal of Communication Inquiry. Mia has given more than 50 conference and invited presentations, and is on the steering committee of Women in Games International.

Oran Zane Devilly
Oran Zane Devilly NP

Oran Zane Devilly's background is in Software Engineering and application programming.  Before coming to GAMBIT, he worked for various companies as an application programmer, web site programmer and lecturer for both application and game programming.

Currently working at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Oran attained a BSc in Software Engineering from the Institute of Technology Carlow in Ireland with a focus on commercial programming and his Masters Degree in Digital Media Technology from Nanyang Technological University focusing on 3D programming and Artificial Intelligence. His final Masters project worked on developing an educational tool for teaching pathfinding in areas such as dynamic pathfinding in a complex virtual environment and hierarchical pathfinding techniques.

At Ngee Ann Polytechnic Oran is module leader for all major Game related modules in both Game Design and Game Development and is the Manager of their internal Production House that houses the finest final year student projects.  He believes in the theory of "work hard, play hard" and has created an environment for both work and play within the studio that give the students a creative ecology and a home away from home.  Within the studio he is managing the largest group of students in a 3D Game Project based on Unreal 3 Technology and a high profile Simulation Project being developed in DirectX 9.

On the side Oran is also working on a web-based integrated system that will incorporate project management, student attendance and manage an asset pool of student work. It is currently in Beta stages and should be released on-campus early next year.

David Finkel
David Finkel WPI
Visiting Scholar

David Finkel writes: "I am a Professor of Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, where I teach in the program in Interactive Media and Game Development.  My Computer Science research is in the area of Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems.  In the Games area, I am interested in studying how players actually play games, and in particular how they learn to play.  I will be visiting GAMBIT through December, 2008."

Jeanine Lim
Jeanine Lim SP

Jeanine Lim obtained her Bachelors Degree in Media Studies from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia, and Masters Degree in Film from Boston University, U.S.A.

Jeanine has nine years of experience working in video and film production both in Singapore and the U.S. Prior to pursuing graduate studies, she worked as a Media Producer in Temasek Polytechnic and was responsible for servicing the institution's video production needs. In the U.S., she worked in the technical department at IMAX Corporation and gained experience with large-format films. To date in her educational and professional endeavours, she has made over 40 corporate and educational videos and 7 short films, which have been screened at several international film festivals. In addition to her own projects, she has also served as production crew on over 20 student and independent films, and mentored on countless student video projects and independent films.

Currently, Jeanine is a lecturer in the School of Media and Info-Communications Technology at Singapore Polytechnic, teaching modules in Storyboarding and Scriptwriting, Video Production and Visual Effects.

David B. Nieborg
David B. Nieborg UA
Visiting Scholar

David B. Nieborg is a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, department of Media and Culture studies and a Ph.D student with the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) where his thesis discusses the political economy of the game industry. Nieborg has published his work on the military entertainment complex and the implications of the interaction between commercial game culture, technology, marketing and military culture in numerous journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. David co-founded Innovation Vineyard ( with friend and colleague Shenja van der Graaf to serve as a creative platform for new media research, consultancy, writing, and thinking. As a journalist Nieborg writes for various Dutch magazines and national papers, mostly on new media and games.

Sven J Norris
Sven J. Norris NTU

Sven J. Norris received his BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2000 and completed his Masters in Computer Arts at Thames Valley University, also in the UK, in 2002. A few years prior to joining ADM, Sven taught at the London College of Music and Media.

Sven has worked as a freelancer in industry within the field of multimedia development, designing and developing sites and content for companies including Arc Worldwide, Leo Burnett Group, Reuters, Tidal Wave, The Grand Union, Signet, and McKinsey & Company. He undertook the role of Multimedia Developer at the company Sightline, creating interactive content, including 2D/3D modeling and animation, for a range of CD-ROMs and websites.

Sven, in his work, pursues a fascination in the creation and evolution of real-time virtual environments for entertainment, education and commercial purposes, with a particular focus on the video game industry (this being one of his main passions). He is currently an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University.

Yew Soon Ong
Yew Soon Ong NTU

Yew Soon Ong is an Associate Professor with the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Deputy Director of the Emerging Research Laboratory. His current research interest lies in Nature-Inspired Computing that spans across Evolutionary & Memetic Computation, Complex Optimization, Informatics, and Grid computing. He is co-editor-in-chief of Memetic Computing Journal, associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics - Part B, and an editorial board member and/or guest editor of Soft Computing Journal, International Journal of Computational Intelligence, International Journal of System Science and Journal of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machine. He is Chair of the Task Force on Memetic Algorithms in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Emergent Technology Technical Committee and has coauthored over 60 refereed journal & conference publications and books in the field. Besides being a mentor at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, he is on a Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship as Visiting Professor/Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). In the field of digital media, particularly digital games, pictures and animation, he is interested in harnessing the power of human cognition and evolution theory for creative art designs and artistic styles.

Jonathan Pillai
Jonathan Pillai TP

Jonathan Pillai is a lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic - Informatics & IT School, where he is currently a Section head in Interactive Digital Media section. He specializes in the field of interactive digital media design and animation, and received his BA (Hons) in Multimedia Arts from Middlesex University UK.

Jonathan has over 8 years of experience in the advertising and branding field. Prior to lecturing at Temasek Polytechnic, Jonathan worked as a Creative Director on interactive branding and motion graphics projects for a variety of prominent clients from both the government and private sector throughout Asia.

Jonathan's area of research interest is in interactive media and animation and its role in interactive narratives as social experiences in new media. Within this field Jonathan's interest entails interaction design and human-computer interaction.

Daniela Alina Plewe
Daniela Alina Plewe NUS

Daniela Alina Plewe is a lecturer at the Communications and New Media Program and the University Scholars Program at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She holds a B.A. in Philosophy/Comparative Literature Studies/Cultural Anthropology and a M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Arts Berlin. She developed media projects informed by cognitive science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics which were internationally exhibited and received several awards. Exhibitions and collaborations include Ars Electronica, CanonArt Lab Tokio, UCLA, NY School of Visual Arts, ISEA, Transmediale and others.

Since the early nineties she has been working as a creative consultant with communication-agencies for major brands in the telecommunications and automobile industries. From 2002-2003 she was working for the German Fraunhofer Institute on a European Union project "Ambient Agoras - Workspaces of the Future".

Currently she is a PhD candidate at the Sorbonne Paris 1 investigating transactional uses of media. One of her focuses lies on "transactional arts" including media works where interactions are actually transactions. In a new project she is developing interfaces facilitating transactions as they appear in the financial industries and forms of online economies e.g. in video games. For these contexts she acquired a license as an Associate Financial Planner (AFPCM).

Rashid Saini
Rashid Saini LASALLE

Rashid Saini's principle artistic practice is photography. He teaches and oversees Contextual Studies for the Media Arts faculty and the Puttnam School of Film in LASALLE College of the Arts, where he is currently supervising experimental animation for year two students in Media Arts. Now delving into different mediums, he is looking into narratives, interactivity and their different elements that affects/causes intertextuality for his Masters.

Jaroslav Svelch
Jaroslav Svelch CU
Visiting Scholar

Jaroslav Svelch is a Czech Fulbright visiting researcher and a Ph.D. student at the Charles University in Prague, with degrees in Journalism and Media Studies. His studies of Linguistics/Phonetics and Translation/Interpretation Studies double major are also nearing completion. As a journalist, he has written on popular music, film and marketing. As a student and scholar in training, he has written theses on comics, time structures in narratives and video games. In his Ph.D. thesis he wants to focus on the subcultural meaning of video games and the relationship of content and activity.

Melvin Tan
Melvin Tan Jin Soon NP

Melvin Tan is a Lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School Of InfoComm Technology, where he is currently overseeing the Interactive Media track for the Diploma in Multimedia & Animation. He holds a Master of Technology (Software Engineering) from Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore. He also holds a bachelor degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering (Hons) from University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Melvin has worked for companies like Creative Technology, Development Bank of Singapore, and Dresdner Management Consulting, consulting arm for Dresdner Bank AG in the area of Software development, Web and Interactive Media technologies. At Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Melvin covers modules such as Digital Photography, Rich Internet Applications as well as Games Design & Development. He is currently looking into the area of developing casual/education games for children without using physical game controllers.

Patricia Tan
Patricia Tan NYP

Patricia Tan received her BA(HONS) in Visual Communication (Animation) at Edinburgh College of Art, UK in 2003. One of her animated films, Red Thread, was nominated and showed in various animation festivals including Royal Television Society Student Television Awards 2003, The Ottawa International Student Animation Festival 2003 (International Panorama), Student On Screen Scottish 2004 and KROK 2004.The enthusiasm and passion of the youths to pursue their dream in the area of digital media has driven her interest in the educational profession upon completion of her degree. She is currently a lecturer in NYP, School of Interactive & Digital media (Games Creation).

Wai Leng Wong
Wong Wai Leng RP

Wai Leng Wong has 15 years of working experience in the media & communication industry in various capacities. She has wide-ranging knowledge of film and television production from inception to completion, and extensive experience in the writing and conceptualizing of scripts, treatments and storylines, having worked on numerous productions. She has also worked in both the government and private sectors in arts management, print and web publishing. Wai Leng strongly believes in the training and development of new media talents, and this has driven her passion for youth education in the last three years, first at Singapore Polytechnic, and now at Republic Polytechnic.