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Neal Grigsby
Nguyen Hoai Anh NAP
Programmer: Backflow

Nguyen Hoai Anh is a last year student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. He's an eater, a reader, a writer, a gamer, a humanitarian, a web designer, a flautist, a swimmer, a blogger, a hyper kid, and a programmer. He's actively involved in the student government, community services and cooking sessions.

Alec Austin
Alec Austin MIT
Game Designer: TenXion

Alexander Chane Austin is a graduate of Reed College and has a master's degree in Comparative Media Studies from MIT. He has had articles and an adventure published in Dungeon Magazine, worked as a design intern on Treyarch's Spider-Man 3 during the summer of 2006, and currently works for Electronic Arts as a technical designer at EALA.

Steven Bartel
Steven Bartel MIT
Programmer: TenXion

Steven Bartel writes: "I'm a Sophomore at MIT, majoring in computer science. I'm interested in game development, programming, and of course playing video games. I'm excited to be working with GAMBIT and making games."

Sharat Bhat
Sharat Bhat MIT

Sharat Bhat is a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He enjoys playing videogames and is glad to finally get a chance to make them as well.

Laura Boylan
Laura Boylan MIT
Programmer: After Hours
Test Lead: TenXion

Laura "Laura47" Boylan is an undergraduate student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT. She loves everything she studies in CMS, especially fan culture, transmedia storytelling, and all the things that people call "Web 2.0". She spends much of her free time creating and playing in live-action roleplaying games with the MIT Assassins' Guild and at the Intercon Conventions. Working at GAMBIT was her first hands-on experience creating a videogame, and she had a fabulous time. Laura is very excited to see what happens next with GAMBIT. Thanks to Philip for this opportunity! Laura's website can be found at

Brendan Callahan
Brendan Callahan MIT
Designer: Ochos Locos
Test Lead: Backflow

Brendan Callahan is a junior at MIT, majoring in brain and cognitive sciences and minoring in management. He is interested in the design and management side of video game development, and worked with GAMBIT this summer as test lead in the development of Backflow. He enjoys learning new things and exploring the potential of technology to contribute to our understanding of ourselves and our world.

Chris Casiano
Chris Casiano MIT
Design: Elementalyst

Chris Casiano is an aspiring game developer, with an interest in worldbuilding, character and content creation, and 3D modelling. For the past couple of years, his major project has been a game of his own design, under the working title Avatar, an MMORPG with a focus on an evolving world and a concrete narrative that continues alongside players' experiences. In his free time, when not working on Avatar, he co-leads an end-game raid group in World of Warcraft and works on sharpening his abilities in Maya.

Dominic Chai
Dominic Chai NTU
Producer / Scrummaster: AudiOdyssey

Dominic Chai writes: "I'm a student from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, graduated and currently looking to explore the 'wonders' of the Game Industry! Equipped with 3years of Game Development experience and a strong passion for games, I'd hoped to see my retirement in this industry some day." His website can be found at

Jenny Cheng
Jenny Cheng MIT
Artist: gunPLAY

Jenny Cheng writes: "I'm a sophomore at MIT, and am very excited about everything. ^______^ "

Bruce Chia
Bruce Chia NUS
Programmer: AudiOdyssey

Bruce Chia writes: "I'm a student from National University of Singapore, interested in game development. I am always keen on building games and play an active role in the student game development scene. Working on this project helped me understand what accessibility and usability means and also allowed me to learn more about the game development process in the industry." His website can be found at

Ben Decker
Ben Decker MIT
Design: Elementalyst

Ben Decker is a senior at Harvard College majoring in Interactive Media Studies. A perennial stalker of GAMBIT and other CMS programs, he recently has founded a student organization called the Harvard Interactive Media Group ( which attempts to port some of the cool activity being down in the space upriver and to foster collaboration amongst programs in the area. Ben's favorite games include Civilization, Zelda, and World of Warcraft.

Kristina Drzaic
Kristina Drzaic MIT

Kristina Drzaic is a videogame designer and the leader of the Illogical Journey of Orez development team. She earned her B.A. in Film, Television and Theatre from the University of Notre Dame and recently graduated from MIT with a Masters in Comparative Media Studies. Her thesis, entitled Oh No I'm Toast!: Mastering Videogame Secrets in Theory and Practice, is a great influence on her game design. (I.e. when playing Illogical Journey, look out for secrets!)

Post GAMBIT she plans on embarking on a videogame-like career in Australia and making friends with Koalas, Kangaroos and Blue Ringed Octopi.

Donny Kristianto
Le Minh Duc NTU

After getting his bachelor of Computer Engineering degree in July 2007, Le Minh Duc continues to pursue his PhD and work as gameLAB's project officer in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research will focus intensively on artificial intelligence in games. In his opinion, GAMBIT program is wonderful as it helps him better understand the game industry and drive his future research work toward the industry's needs. In his free time, he also does web design as a part-time job. His hobbies are hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing video games, swimming, and going to the gym. In the future, he hopes to be continually involved in projects collaborated between MIT and Singapore.

You can see some of his work at his personal site:

Rob Falconi
Rob Falconi MIT
Programmer: TenXion

Rob Falconi is an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

Jeremy Flores
Jeremy Flores MIT
Product Owner: Ochos Locos
Sound: Elementalyst

Jeremy Flores is currently a Mathematics major at MIT. He is interested in bringing new ideas and technologies to children in third-world countries. In his spare time, he enjoys music composition, audio engineering, photography, and developing collaborative activities for One Laptop Per Child.

Eitan Gilnert
Eitan Glinert MIT
Project Lead: AudiOdyssey

Eitan Glinert writes: "I'm a graduate student at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT game lab. I've been making video games for two years now. Currently working on a new audio based video game that is designed for the mainstream market, yet accessible to the visually impaired." His website can be found at and his startup game company, Fire Hose Games, can be found at

Neal Grigsby
Neal Grigsby MIT
Game Designer: Backflow

Neal Grigsby got his feet wet in game design at the Storytelling and Games in the Digital Age Workshop, A.K.A. the Sony Game Design Workshop, help annually at MIT, where he led the winning team in 2007. He recently earned his Master's degree in Comparative Media Studies, having written his thesis on narratives of adolescence, including a look at representation of youth in video games. While a student at CMS he worked on the Project for New Media Literacies, producing educational video and curricula about media production for an audience of teens and young adults. Neal is married to artist Rebecca Bird Grigsby.

Mark Grimm
Mark Grimm MIT
Scrummaster / Producer: Elementalyst, TenXion

Mark Grimm graduated from MIT in 2007 with a degree in Management of Technology. He is very interested in the production of video games, and is currently applying to video games companies as an Associate Producer.

Teo Chor Guan
Teo Chor Guan Media Development Authority of Singapore
Product Owner: Wiip

Teo Chor Guan has more than 14 years of experience in systems engineering for computer graphics and games. Her wide range of experience spans from 3-D graphics research at the Institute of Systems Science in Singapore to building air traffic control systems for MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates in Canada. She has also worked as a software developer at Electronic Arts (EA) Canada for over six years. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) from the National University of Singapore and a Masters in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. In Singapore, she had worked in the Games Development Group at the School of Design at Nanyang Polytechnic. She was also the Software Engineering Manager in Lucasfilm Animation Singapore before joining Media Development Authority (MDA) as the Program Director for GAMBIT.

Mandie Holmes
Mandie Holmes MIT
Scrummaster / Test Lead: TakeOut!

Mandie Homes is a senior at MIT majoring in Comparative Media Studies and minoring in Marketing and History. She is a self-described casual gamer with Diablo II tendencies, but stopped playing video games in college so she could sleep instead. Her favorite video games include Myst, Diablo I & II and Phantasmagoria.

Fezz Hoo Shuyi
Fezz Hoo Shuyi NAFA

Fezz Hoo Shuyi is "a freak who hearts music and the American culture. Well basically I love games especially horrific, psychopathic and twisted games. I work as a freelance designer doing mostly video, web, sound and graphic design. In my free time I am a field recording artist/musician who loves to record sounds and make music. I also enjoy photography and film making. My dream is to create a new form of media."

Website/profile :


Yeo Jingying
Yeo Jingying NUS
Game Designer: AudiOdyssey

Yeo Jingying writes: "Coming together is a beginning, working together is a progress, and staying together is a success. This holds true in what I have experienced during this two months in GAMBIT as a game designer for AudiOdyssey. Without any experience in dealing with audio games before, I have learnt the importance of teamwork, communication, the usability and accessibility of a game. I believe I have gained valuable advice and experience and grabbing hold of this opportunity is something that I will never regret." Her website can be found at

Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson MIT
Programmer: gunPLAY, Wiip, Elementalyst

Jonathan Johnson is an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science. This is his second gaming project, having been a member of the team that created Elementalyst, the first game produced by GAMBIT. He considers himself a hardcore gamer, but is also a trombone player and an avid reader. He is easily distracted, but aspires to a career in the gaming industry anyway.

Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones MIT
Artist / Design: gunPLAY, Elementalyst, The Illogical Journey of Orez

Jamie Jones is a junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pursuing a major in Comparitive Media Studies. She is currently trying to decide between video game design and video game art as a career path. In her free time she likes reading, throwing things, running, drawing, and pwning n00bs.

Eric Klopfer
Eric Klopfer MIT
Product Owner: Backflow

Eric Klopfer is the Director of the MIT Teacher Education Program and the Scheller Career Development Professor of Science Education and Educational Technology at MIT. Klopfer's research focuses on the development and use of computer games and simulations for building understanding of science and complex systems. His research explores simulations and games on desktop computers as well as handhelds. He currently runs the StarLogo,, project, a desktop platform that enables students and teachers to create computer simulations of complex systems. He is also the creator of StarLogo TNG, a new platform for helping kids create 3D simulations and games using a graphical programming language. On handhelds, Klopfer's work includes Participatory Simulations,, which embed users inside of complex systems, and Augmented Reality simulations,, which create a hybrid virtual/real space for exploring intricate scenarios in real time. He is the co-director of The Education Arcade, which is advancing the development and use of games in K-12 education.

Donny Kristianto
Donny Kristianto NUS
Scrummaster / Producer: The Illogical Journey of Orez

Donny Kristianto has just recently graduated from the National University of Singapore, focusing in Communications and New Media, with special interest in Game Design and Development. He's particularly interested in the notion of "serious" games, how games can be used for 'serious' purposes. He's got lots of other interests like making money, programming and photography, but all he wants to do is to make and play lots of games.

He will take you on Street Fighter anytime, if he's not busy reading stuff on XNA or World History. You can see some of his work at

Lynette (Lim Choy Lee)
Lynette (Lim Choy Lee) TP
Tester / Test Lead: The Illogical Journey of Orez

Lynette Lim is pursuing a Diploma in Info-Communications at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Her main focus is on programming and networking. Her interests are playing musical instruments, playing computer games and programming. She likes to take on any challenge.

Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee SP
Coder: TakeOut!

Dennis Lee is a student of Game Programming and is part of the GAMBIT 2007 TakeOut! Web 2.0 Team. Dennis' passions lie in both Music and Programming and he would like to become well versed in both of them.  Currently studying at Singapore Polytechnic, he is pursuing his goal to become part of a successful game title.

Always on the lookout for new projects to join, Dennis hopes to build a solid portfolio and experience base to achieve his dream.

Chng Chian Leng
Chng Chian Leng NAP
3D Modeler/Texture Artist: TenXion

Chng Chian Leng writes, "creating 3D characters, environments and effects has always been my passion. I can model a character and bring him to life through animation – this, my friend is the beauty of 3D. Think 3D/CG, think Spiderman! RAH! 3D IS LOVE."

Tio Lok Ling
Tio Lok Ling NAFA
Artist: Wiip

Lok Ling is a final year student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Multimedia. She has no prior experience in electronic game design. This is her first gaming project. She enjoys drawing and animating art, researching and exploring various things (both art related and non-art related). A dreamer at times, she is always willing to try new things and is open to new ideas.

Junwei Loh
Junwei Loh NAP
Artist: TakeOut!

Currently in his final year as a Multimedia & Animation student, Junwei Loh lives to be the King of the Hill (of paper) in the realm of design. Wandering the barren wastes of the industry, he seeks to bring life back to the blasted fields as a Graphic Designer, giving the world the brand new look it deserves. He wields the mighty mouse with deadly skill and is able to manipulate Adobe Photoshop to his ineffable will as he plies his trade with zest, 'brushing' aside any and all who stand in his way. PS: He really likes playing with his niece. His website is at

Estevan Milo Martinez
Estevan "Milo" Martinez MIT
Scrummaster: After Hours, TakeOut!

Estevan "Milo" Martinez is actually not a demon, but one of the biggest fan-bois you will ever know. He's gotten way more in touch with his game addiction he had long since suppressed and spent most of his GAMBIT earnings on video games. His website is at

Mohammed Kashiraj bin Mohd Daud
Mohammed Kashiraj bin Mohd Daud RP
Concept Artist / Animator / Designer / Leet-sauce: TenXion

Making games has been a passion for Mohammed Kashiraj bin Mohd Daud since he was young. To him a game is not just something done out of leisure, but an experience and story which awaits to be told. With his background of film and other media, he intends to blend them into games. His site can be found at

Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell NUS
Product Owner: Wiip

Alex Mitchell teaches interactive media in the Communications and New Media Programme (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) at the National University of Singapore ( Before joining NUS, he was a lecturer at the School of Design, Nanyang Polytechnic, where he taught and developed projects in interactive media and games. Alex has worked as an interaction designer at IDEO, London, and at Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore. He has an M.Sc. in Computer Science (Human-Computer Interaction) from the University of Toronto. His work has been shown at SIGGRAPH'98, at the Science Museum in London, at Graphite 2004 at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and as part of the Creative Curating Lab at the Singapore Art Show 2005.

Justin Moe
Justin Moe MIT
Technical Artist: gunPLAY

Justin Moe is a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Comparative Media Studies.

Marleigh Norton
Marleigh Norton MIT
Product Owner: Backflow

Marleigh Norton is a project manager for the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab and a research manager for the Teacher Education Program's Outdoor Augmented Reality project at the Columbus Zoo. A recent addition to TEP, Marleigh brings years of design experience from both the commercial and academic sectors. Her recent work as an interaction designer for the Waterford Research Institute aimed to teach reading, math, and science to young children through the use of educational games. She holds a master's degree in human-computer interaction from Georgia Tech, where she created an augmented reality 3-D puzzle game. New interaction paradigms are a major interest of hers, and past projects have included collaborative touch-screens for the NASA Ames Research Center and voice user interfaces for major telephone companies.

Jeff Orkin
Jeff Orkin MIT
Product Owner: TenXion

Jeff Orkin is a PhD candidate in the Cognitive Machines Group at the MIT Media Lab.  Previously, Jeff spent nine years developing A.I. systems in the game industry.  At Monolith Productions, Jeff developed A.I. systems for the award winning titles F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever 2.  More information available at

Scot Osterweil
Scot Osterweil MIT

Scot Osterweil is the project manager for the Education Arcade and is currently running "Learning Games to Go," a federally funded project designed to develop mobile games that teach math and literacy to underserved youth. Formerly the Senior Designer at TERC, a nationally known research & development center devoted to math and science education, Osterweil designed Zoombinis Island Odyssey, winner of the 2003 Bologna New Media Prize. This is the latest game in the Zoombinis line of products (Riverdeep/TLC). Scot is the creator of the Zoombinis, and with Chris Hancock he co-designed the multi-award winning Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, and its first sequel, Zoombinis Mountain Rescue. Scot is the also the designer of the TERCworks games Switchback and Yoiks!, the latter also with Chris Hancock.

Scot's other software designs include work on the educational products Tabletop II, Tabletop and Tabletop Jr., and IBM's The Nature of Science. At TERC he participated in research projects on the role of computer games in learning, and on the use of video in data collection and representation. Previously, he worked in television, on the production of Public Television's Frontline, Evening at Pops, and American Playhouse, and as an animator on a wide range of programs. He is a graduate of Yale College with a degree in Theater Studies.

Bin (Ong Kian Peng)
Bin (Ong Kian Peng) LASALLE
Artist / Producer: The Illogical Journey of Orez

Bin is an Interactive Arts undergraduate student from Lasalle - College of the Arts. His scope of interests includes video/pc games, graphic design, illustrations, new media arts, comics and filmmaking. Currently he is interested in exploring tangible interfaces for multimedia installations and game GUI. Samples of his works can be found at

Kenny Peng
Kenny Peng MIT
Programmer: Ochos Locos

Kenny Peng is a senior in 6-3 and 15 studying Artificial Intelligence. He's been an avid videogamer since 8. He enjoys programming, especially when it produces something graphically awesome. He actually preferred the mysterious question mark in place of this picture, but being a ninja isn't so bad.

Ravi Purushotma
Ravi Purushotma MIT
Product Owner: TakeOut!

Ravi Purushotma is a graduate of MIT's Comparative Media Studies M.S. program, where he worked as a researcher on their New Media Literacies projects. He now works within the Education Arcade group on Labyrinth, a game to teach mathematical concepts, and their emerging Foreign Language education efforts. Formerly a student in the UCLA Teaching English as a Second Language program and English teacher in southern China, his interests are in how foreign language learning will need to be re conceptualized to take advantage of the instantaneous access to foreign culture and media available with today's technologies (see ).

Chen RenHao
Chen RenHao NYP
Programmer: Backflow

Chen RenHao is currently a Nanyang Polytechnic student in Singapore taking the Digital Entertainment Technology course. His primary interests are playing video games, especially Japanese role playing games, and badminton. He hopes to develop a fun game that everyone can enjoy.

Trey Reyher
Trey Reyher MIT
Producer/Scrummaster: Ochos Locos
Test Lead, Wiip

Trey Reyher is an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Brain and Cognitive Science. Although a lifelong gaming enthusiast, this is the first video game project in which he has participated as a developer. His love of Japanese games, art, and culture stem from his childhood days on the island of Okinawa. Since then, he has traveled to Europe, Australia, and Africa, but still considers Japanese to be his second language. Trey's other interests include writing short stories, playing the banjo, and hiking in the great outdoors.

Clara Rhee
Clara Rhee MIT
Programmer: After Hours

Clara Rhee is a junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pursuing a major in Comparitive Media Studies. She is too uncoordinated to play videogames, but, on off days, still admits to being a casual gamer. In her "spare time", she enjoys films, comic books, photography, animation, and getting lost on her bike.

Tan Dao Rong
Tan Dao Rong TP
Programmer: TenXion

Tan Dao Rong's focus is on game programming and development, having had much exposure to the current game consoles. He has been involved in many school-base game development projects and has had some of those projects professionally pitched. His current focus is on the design and development of unique educational games.

Zulkifli Salleh
Zulkifli Salleh TP
Scrummaster: Backflow

Zulkifli Salleh is the founder of zero3studio in Singapore, a collection of funky young media practitioners that provide creative services across various media such as Print, Web, Video and Sound. Zul is a designer, filmmaker, photographer as well as a muralist. He aims to unite rising media talents and create collaboration opportunities to explore and create. He is currently pursuing his Diploma in Moving Images in Temasek Design School in Singapore. Apart from school and "work", he enjoys doodling on anything he can get his hands on, from canvases to sneakers. His doodles have made its way to exhibitions by brands like Converse and Onitsuka Tiger. Zul's portfolio can be found at

Skeel Lee Keng Siang
Skeel Lee Keng Siang NUS
Programmer / Rigger / UI Designer / CG Supervisor: TenXion

Skeel Lee Keng Siang is a graphics designer, CG technical artist and programmer who has many years of experience in creating creative media. He constantly combines his knowledge in the art, design and technical fields to create unique high-quality products. His current focus is on character setup and research on deformation and physical simulation.

Skeelogy (Graphics design portfolio):

CG:Skeelogy (CG/Technical portfolio):

Paviter Singh
Paviter Singh LASALLE
Artist: AudiOdyssey

Paviter Singh writes: "I am an undergraduate student at Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore, pursuing my education in Interactive Arts. My areas of interest lie in usability and interactivity with technology. I come from a background that covers both art and computer science." His website can be found at

Erek Speed
Erek Speed MIT
Programmer: gunPLAY

Erek Speed writes: "I'm a computer science student at MIT and enjoy programming immensely. In fact, it could be said that I enjoy all things relating to computers. Being around them just makes me happy inside. The only thing I like more than computers are games, and well, here I am, savoring their happy union."

Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan MIT
Programmer: gunPLAY
; Quality Assurance, AudiOdyssey

Mark Sullivan writes: "I am an undergraduate student at MIT majoring in computer science.  I have been involved in independent game development for several years now, and I plan to continue this hobby in coming years.  GAMBIT has been an amazing experience, and I am proud to have worked on this project."

Edmund Teo
Edmund Teo NTU
Programmer: Wiip

Edmund Teo holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Game Development. His research interests include general computations on GPU shaders, physically based modeling and interactive 3D computer graphics. He is most passionate about computer graphics in games and dreams about inventing some futuristic CG technologies. His work experiences include working on a video editing software, a PC game and several mobile game titles. Among his peers, he is a well known workaholic and 5 hours of sleep daily is a luxury to him. During his free time, he usually jogs or madly searches for a winning idea to impact the game industry.

Fabian Teo
Fabian Teo RP
Artist: Backflow

Fabian Teo is from Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, and is one of the artists in GAMBIT. Prior to GAMBIT he volunteered as a small-time 3D modeler for Pirates, Vikings ↦ Knights 2 where he worked on props for the game. Naturally self-motivated, the art skills he displays are mostly self-taught. Fabian has a wide range of skills from life-drawing to cartoons, however his main interests lie in line art, cel shading and 3D modeling. During his free time, Fabian plays computer games, especially cooperative games ranging from team deathmatch to simply co-op gameplay and also reading up on human genetics and other random snippets of information.

Edwin Toh
Edwin Toh SP
Sound: AudiOdyssey

Edwin Toh writes: "I'm a final-year student taking a Diploma in Music & Audio Technology at the Singapore Polytechnic. I've keen interests in arranging, composition and performance. I majored in the electone organ and hope to go to Berklee College of Music someday." His website can be found at

Karena Tyan
Karena Tyan MIT
Artist: Ochos Locos

Karena Tyan is a senior of Humanities and Engineering, concentrating in Comparative Media Studies and Computer Science. Summer 2007 she worked at EA as a Production/Design intern on the MySims game and loved every minute of it. She aspires to attain the coveted position of "game designer" of an RPG and is currently honing her ninja skills to take out the opposition. A shameless Final Fantasy 7 fangirl, Karena can often be found singing on campus somewhere with the Chorallaries of MIT or killing poor woodland creatures in some SquareEnix product or another.

Jason Wang (Wang Weilong)
Jason Wang (Wang Weilong) NYP
Coder: TakeOut!

Jason Wang (Wang Weilong) is currently studying in Nanyang Polytechnic for the Diploma in Digital Media Design. When he's not busy with school work (rarely), he likes to draw, watch TV shows, play video games and interact with his computer. His social life is rather limited as he only commutes between his school and his home. His website is at

Wang Wenjie
Wang Wenjie SP
Level Designer / 3D Modeller: TenXion

Wang Wenjie is interested in 3D modeling and animation, as well as web design, writing and bits of filming. He also plays games, although he loses more often than he wins (in multiplayer, at least)...

Oh, and you get points if you can pronounce his name correctly.

Jim Wilberger
Jim Wilberger MIT
Producer / Scrummaster: gunPLAY
Programmer: AudiOdyssey, Elementalyst

Jim Wilberger writes: "I'm a fourth year undergraduate at MIT majoring jointly in Computer Science and Music. I've been interested in programming games for years and am thrilled to have that opportunity with Gambit. Working with a team to develop a game has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of my educational career. I love seeing all the different aspects that go into making a game and working alongside other students to produce something great. I could definitely see myself doing this for many years to come".

Desmond Wong
Desmond Wong NYP
Artist: Wiip

Desmond Wong is a final year student at the Nanyang Polytechnic, majoring in Digital Media Design and specializing in game design and game art and animation. He is a mentor in leadership position in the Singapore Games Creation Community and has worked on a number of commercial projects, such as an arcade shooter for the Singapore Navy. He has also won Best Game Concept in a Battle of the Concepts competition held by Nanyang Polytechnic. Other than being a game artist, Desmond also has experience in compositing in After Effects and Shake, and High Poly animations in 3D Max as well. His interests are playing video games, digital painting and playing badminton.

Joshua Wong
Joshua Wong NUS
Producer: Wiip

Joshua Wong is an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, majoring in Communications and New Media. He is also the Vice-President (Projects) of the NUS Games Development student group, overseeing all student game development projects under that organization. Prior to that, he has served as a head of storylines and quests for an indie MMORPG, Eternal Lands, and has also been game designer and producer for various student game development projects. His varied interests include philosophy, Japanese manga, Christian apologetics, and science fiction and fantasy books.

Si Yuan Wong
Si Yuan Wong NTU
Game and Art Design Lead: TakeOut!

Si Yuan Wong is a little brown roach from the sunny city of Singapore come to sample the fine cuisine of the US while pursuing his love of games and travel. Hitching rides on leftovers and trashbags across the world, he hopes to be famous one day... His website is at

Stepie Wu
Stephie Wu MIT
Programmer: gunPLAY, TenXion

Stephie Wu is a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

Lonce Wyse
Lonce Wyse
Project Lead: AudiOdyssey

Lonce Wyse writes: "I think in sound. I directed the development of the FlexEffex and the ASound systems for building and interacting with real-time sound models." His website can be found at

Zhou Xuanming
Zhou Xuanming NTU
Game Designer: Wiip

Zhou Xuanming is an undergraduate at the School of Arts, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Interactive Media. He has no prior experience in electronic game design (n00b), but has worked as a texture/concept artist in several Half-Life modification projects and designed pen and paper games in his free time. He is very interested in a career within the games industry as a game designer. Besides game design his other interests include digital painting, comic artwork and playing video games.

Wang Xun
Wang Xun NTU
Artist: Backflow

Wang Xun is one of artists in GAMBIT this summer from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media. She is majoring in Digital Animation, as well as taking core subjects from the Interactive Media major. She is interested in 3D character design and the animation design side of game development, and she will work as an artist with the gamelab at NTU Computer Science in the following years. She hopes her game characters can bring happiness to the players.

Guo Yuan
Guo Yuan RP

Guo Yuan makes up one half of the GAMBIT Summer 2007 Audio Team. Providing various games design teams with a wide spectrum of melodic tunes, her works range from demented circus riffs to hybrid songs made up of 8-bit leads and real-time instruments. If she isn't floating around other teams to nag at them about their audio, one could find her sitting on the couch playing Rez. She is currently a student taking Art & Design in Republic Polytechnic and also the production head for the Electronic Music Production (EMP) back at school.

Guo Yuan loves her cat and her family, and hopes to know herself better with the guidance of visuals, audio and ample amounts of Dr Pepper.