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Moki Combat
Summer 2008 Prototype | Third Person Action | Windows  

Moki and his trusty mount Rooki embark on an epic quest to recover the lost treasures of his village. His journey takes him deep into lush tropical forests and treacherous mountains to regain his village's honor. The evil Chawi witches on their Uborgul war hogs hinder him at every turn. Bestowed with the last of his village's heirlooms, the Ancient Spear of the Moki, you are to help Moki and Rooki battle the forces of evil!

Moki Combat is a third-person action PC game. In the game, you will have to weigh the options of attacking and avoiding enemies. Precise strikes will yield better rewards. Moki will get exhausted if he swing recklessly and will become vulnerable to Chawi's attacks. Using the power of Moki's Spear will drain your stamina as well. Your goal is to defeat as many Chawi raiders as you can before you get knocked off your mount! Defeating them in the most efficient manner will earn you titles! Can you be the ULTRA MOKI?

  Moki Combat

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  • Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or equivalent
  • Windows XP, Vista
  • 1.0 GB RAM or more (2.0 GB for Vista)
  • 250 MB hard drive space
  • 128 MB video memory
  • Sound card & Speakers
Game Trailer

Yeuhi Abe
Product Owner

Marco Da Silva
Product Owner

Matthias Chan Yong Shun
Game Designer

Kester Poh

Muhammad Bin Mohsin
Lead Programmer

Mark Sullivan III

Pham Chau Khoa, Ben

Elvin Siew
Lead Artist

Esther Zheng

Chen Wei Ren
Test Lead

Erik Sahlström
Audio Designer

Pradashini Subramaniam
Additional Audio

Guo Yuan
Additional Audio

Yuanyuan Pao
Voice Actor

Mark Sullivan III
Voice Actor

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