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Friday Games @ GAMBIT 02/25/11 - Diamonds and Dragons III: NBA 2K11

In 1986, during game 2 of the NBA's first round of playoffs, Michael Jordan scored 63 points in an overtime win against the then dominant Boston Celtics. Celtics superstar and hall-of-famer Larry Bird was quoted after the game " I don't think anyone is capable of doing what Michael has done to us... He is the most exciting, awesome player in the game today. I think it is just God disguised as Michael Jordan."

NBA 2K11 is a critically acclaimed basketball simulation. It is also the first time since 1993 that Michael Jordan, incontrovertibly the greatest basketball player to have ever tied up sneakers, has been a playable character. Of particular note in the game is the feature titled "The Jordan Challenge" in which players are invited to re-enact important moments from Jordan's record breaking career.

Leading us on our spiritual quest through the perilous landscape of sports video games will be Abe Stein, GAMBIT's resident Frat Guy/Jock sympathizer. This week we'll take a look at 1993's NBA Showdown, the last time you could play as Jordan before this years NBA 2K11. We'll also look at "The Jordan Challenge" and talk about how narrative elements are incorporated into the basketball simulation through historical reenactment. We might also take a look at some fan videos that has been created with the game that honor His Greatness, Michael Jordan.

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