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Announcing CGCM 2011! April 15-17th.

The Complete Game-Completion Marathon is back! This year we are running it to coincide with the Boston Marathon, April 15-17th.

This year we have added a new donor partner, ACCION International. They are a great organization, and we will be working closely with local partners to make this a great event. Supporters can still donate to Partners in Health if they so choose, and all donations will be put towards furthering Haiti's reconstruction efforts.

The Complete Game Completion Marathon is a 48 hour event where participants come to GAMBIT to play games for charity! Players will come in teams to play games in weird, strange, or interesting ways! Play Mario with your toes! Complete the original Final Fantasy using a party of four white mages! Play the Starcraft 2 campaign only using SCVs!

Games being played will be streamed live, complete with (mostly) expert commentary!

If you have any questions please email us at

Watch this space and our website for more updates!

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