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Friday Games @ GAMBIT 10/7/11 - PREPARE TO DIE!

At Friday Games @ GAMBIT this week you will die. All those who want to die should show up at the GAMBIT Lounge at 4:00, and even if you don't want to die please pay us a visit anyway. There will be cookies.

Dark Souls, released this week, is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, 2009's sleeper hit famous for its innovative online features and crushing difficulty. This Friday we will be showcasing the series, its legacy as an outgrowth of the King's Field series (one of the rare examples of Japanese 1st-person gaming), and discuss just what makes it different from almost any other AAA game on the market right now.

Contrary to the ads you may have seen (like this one), it's about a lot more than just getting killed.

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