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Robots Robots Robots

It's the last weekend of IAP at MIT, which means robots take over the campus. Not one, not two, but three robot competitions are happening on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Okay, the last one doesn't really feature robots, but it does have AI RTS units trying to destroy each other, so it's just a matter of time before they turn on us. You know what I mean.

6.270 Autonomous Robotics Competition
IAP 2010 Edition: SpaceCats!
January 28, 7PM, 26-100

Do you like lego robots from the future? Do you want to witness teams win eternal glory, and save mankind? Do you want to a robot chase another one down, capture it, and drag it flailing back to a den of destruction?

Then come to 26-100 today from 7-10 PM. Witness the beauty, the talent, the unbridled creative genius of your fellow students as they battle it out for fabulous prizes.

Come early for free pizza and t-shirts.

Live Webcast Link

Maslab final competition
Friday Jan 29, 5:30pm

Maslab (6.186/2.972) is an advanced vision-based robotics class offered every IAP. Robots are tasked with exploring an unknown playing field without human intervention using vision and other sensors. Robots must collect color-coded balls and place them into corresponding goals. Students choose their own materials, sensors and actuators. The course emphasizes machine vision, AI navigation, closed-loop control and mechanical design. Teams of 3-4 students have spent the bulk of their IAPs building their robots. Come see their hard work in action!

6.370 BattleCode Final Tournament
January 30th, 7-9 PM, Kresge Auditorium
Food, T-shirts, and Eternal Glory

Ever wanted to see armies of virtual robots destroy each other in 3D?

That's exactly what will be happening at the 6.370 Final Tournament on Saturday, January 30th, from 7-9 PM in Kresge Auditorium. Strategy. Cunning. Power. Maybe even world domination. Come watch some of MIT's best programmers duke it out on the big screen and grab some free food and t-shirts.

BattleCode, developed for 6.370, is a real-time strategy game. Two teams of robots roam the screen managing resources and attacking each other with different kinds of weapons. However, in BattleCode each robot functions autonomously; under the hood it runs a Java virtual machine loaded up with its team's player program. Robots in the game communicate by radio and must work together to accomplish their goals.

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