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Summer 2010 Prototype | Puzzle | Adobe Flash (Windows / Macintosh)  

Deep beneath the lighthouse in an ancient harbor town, an even more ancient labyrinth awaits. When a young bearer of the lighthouse's fire falls into the labyrinth, he must master the hazards within to find his way home. Poikilia is an adventure/puzzle game that takes players through the twenty-four chambers of the labyrinth, challenging their preconceptions about color theory and demanding more and more complex puzzle-solving skills as they progress. Facing obstacles based on additive and subtractive color theory, players manipulate the color of the flames they bear to guide their avatars to each doorway and, eventually, to safety.

Designed as an educational game for middle-school-age students, Poikilia includes modular narrative components to allow for gameplay with and without story, as part of ongoing research on narrative in educational games.

The labyrinth reveals your true colors - what will you see?

Research Statement

Poikilia is a puzzle game and a learning game. The game has a narrative story, expressed through cutscenes and supported by its in-game art, but also offers a non-narrative version. Both use identical gameplay to expose players to basic concepts of additive and subtractive color theory, requiring players to traverse a maze that focuses their attention on the sometimes confusing behavior of light and color. Researchers will study whether either the narrative or non-narrative form of the game is more effective in promoting student engagement with, and understanding of, the topics. In particular, they will study whether the narrative can induce meta-cognition in players as a means of promoting active transfer and overcoming naïve conceptions.


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Recommended Requirements

Poikilia requires Adobe Flash Player 10.1. The following specfications are recommended for optimal gameplay experience:

Windows (7, Vista, XP Home, XP Pro)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz(or equivalent)
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz(or equivalent)
  • 3GB of RAM
Additional graphics card support is recommended.
Game Trailer

Research Video (from Game of the Week Podcast, 2011)

Scot Osterweil
Product Owner

Jason Haas
Product Owner
Script Writer

Marleigh Norton
Game Director

Tan Jiat Meng Timothy

Michael Lin
Game Designer

Amanda Seah

Wisnu Irawan

Hing Chui

Aleksey Nitsenko

Naomi Hinchen

Reuben Shaun Raman
Audio Designer

Shiva Garg
QA Lead

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